Microsoft Teams Adoption

Deploying Teams is Easy Driving Adoption is Hard

Microsoft Teams QuickStart



Today’s workplace runs on teamwork. With the right tools, teams are more productive, more engaged, and drive more profit.
Microsoft Teams is a chat-based hub that provides immediate, integrated access to the Office features that you use every day. With Microsoft Teams, you won’t need to juggle multiple workspaces to connect and collaborate. Chat one-on-one or hop on a group video call, share and modify screens and deliverables, access Office 365 cloud-enabled services like SharePoint, Planner, OneDrive, and more—all from within one digital, mobile workspace.

Empower your teams to magnify productivity
To realize their full potential, today’s diverse teams need a collaborative platform that works like they do. Microsoft Teams brings team members together, from practically any location and on almost any device. Enrich communication, enable coordinated campaigns, and accelerate deliverables through one customizable, secure hub that gives each team an easy way to meet, work, share, and chat.

Optimize collaboration and communication
Microsoft Teams integrates the full range of Office 365 apps, so your employees can seamlessly access calendar availability, transition from chat to high-quality voice and video, and work together to create and modify content from within the teamwork hub. And because Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365, it provides a frictionless experience that is as familiar as it is intuitive. In short, Microsoft Teams orchestrates the productivity of the Office solutions you already use every day, energizing team collaboration and helping you realize the full business value of your Office 365 investment.

CloudScale can help you deploy Microsoft Teams effectively, provide adequate training to drive adoption and build the ultimate hub for teamwork and modern collaboration.

Plan, Govern, Deploy, Measure

A Governance First Appraach to Teams

We take a "governance first" approach to Microsoft teams deployments. To be successful in your Teams deployment it's all about governing your deployment and driving adoption through rigorous change management.

CloudScale's Teams Success Managers are PROSCI certified and our architects hold multiple Teams and Azure security certifications. Our Microsoft Teams consulting services offer deployment & adoption accelerator frameworks along with careful planning and focus around the activities outlined below:

Together, we sit down with you and your stakeholders to discuss the needs of your business. After the initial consultation, we develop a robust, fast Teams application roadmap, ideal for enabling better collaboration for your customers and employees.
We work with your information architecture and compliance teams to understand your requirements and provide documentation that outlines how those requirements map to Microsofts governance capabilities.
Roadmap & Planning
Our PROSCI certified success managers work with various parts of your organization to understand what your users need the most. We then define and wrap a plan around driving successful deployments with your business units wrapped with killer app functionality.
Governance Plan
Adoption Plan