Breathe New Life Into Your Enterprise Applications

Modern App QuickStart

Modernizing Your Application Portfolio

We help you modernize existing applications with an agile, iterative approach. We use beautiful design to drive continuous value, innovation, and impactful employee experiences.

Overcoming Challenges to Application Modernization

All successful applications change over time. This can be for many reasons, from fixing bugs, adding new features, bringing in new technologies, or improving existing systems. But these changes can be difficult when all the parts of an application are tightly coupled. A change in one part may break another part, or cause changes to ripple through the codebase.

Even modern micro-service based applications can face these challenges. But when the services are designed to evolve, you are empowered to innovate and deliver new features.

CloudScale Creates Best-in-Class, Modern Digital Experiences

We create next-level digital experiences through application transformation andinnovation. Our approach transforms the way your users interact with technology. These unique experiences drive transformation and rapid cloud adoption.

Our work focuses on five pillars of software quality: Scalability, Availability, Resiliency, Management, and Security.


Cloud App Development Process

At CloudScale, our experts build rich native apps on Microsoft Azure, fast. We provide business critical application support and help you minimize downtime.

We sit down with you and your stakeholders to fully understand the needs of your business. From there, we develop a robust, fast cloud application roadmap. We ensure your customers and employees are the top priority throughout.
LivIcons Evolution
LivIcons Evolution
LivIcons Evolution
We want your application to represent your brand and funnel your customers from point A to point B fast. That’s why our UX designers are here. They create a customized, user-friendly design guided by Microsoft Azure’s cloud app best practices.
With Microsoft Azure, we’re able to test applications in a real-life environment in the cloud without going live. This process allows us to develop the best cloud application for you from the start.